Sunday, August 8, 2010

I love fashion because...

Fashion Rocks!! Clothes make the girl! The best part of each day is deciding what I am going to wear.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a busy girl!!! These are all the extracurricular activites I'm passionate about...

High school student body, AIM Medical, volunteering at the hospital and nursing home, babysitting at chruch and scrapbooking club.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My fashion icon...

The fashion icon I most identify with is Gwen Stefani.


She rocks her own beat and EVERYTHING looks great on her!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall fall fall fall!

Fall is here people! I just love fall, the weather is perfecto. It couldnt get any better than in the fall. Its not too hot nor too cold and you have a nice breeze :) Oh and another thing I love about fall is that you can wear boots!!!! Yes i love boots, and heels, and booties, and wedges.... who am I kidding I love all shoes! haha but you cant wear boots all year long... and in the fall you can! anyways... going on. The cutest things you can get for fall would be things like the short trench coats [im not really sure what they are called] and scarves with skinny jeans and knee length brown or black leather or suede boots that go over the jeans..... perfect! here are some great looks that I was badly explaining ;p haha


Oh im just soooooper excited ive read those books like eighty times [no joke ;)] and I cannot wait until the new twilight movie New Moon goes out in theaters!!! Me and my friends have it alll planned out, we are going to go see it and then have a bigg sleepover, and Im soo excited... if you havent figured it out ;) ohh and Torrid has some fang-tastic merchandise for everyone who adores the twilight books and movies as I do! They have the coolest designs on t-shirts ever! Hmm like these :) You definitely cannot get these anywhere else!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ooh I love TV!

Well speaking of tv, hehe, one of my favourite shows of the moment would have to be Degrassi. I just love that show! Its all about DRAMA! Which of course is why I love it, because its about as close as teenage life can get, which is why I can relate to it sometimes. And even the issues I would never be crazy enough to get myself into, make me think about what I would do if I was in that exact situation. Plus! It always keeps you going, it just never ends!

Oh! I have another show that I absolutely love, its the famous CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It just has to be one of the greatest crime series ever made! It has some drama also [def not as much as Degrassi] but has the most wicked crimes, which blows my mind. Even the special tools that they use to find clues and solve the mystery. Ahh, I love it. Okay I need to calm down, haha. I want to go watch it now.... you should do the same ;)..... anyways

Much love out there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween! Omg! I know what I am going to wear! :)

Halloween just so happens to be one of the best days ever! Your prolly wondering why Im so excited about halloween or why I like it soo much. Well Halloween just amazes me, from the amazing costumes to the scary movies and haunted houses. I love them all! :D For me, it gives me a chance to e someone or something else, which is when my creativity sparks :D I love looking for my costume and the troubles in finding one, its just exciting and when you get to wear it and get FREE CANDY thats when I love it the most!! :D Speaking of costumes, Torrid (THEE MOST FABULOUS STORE EVER!) has an excellent selection of costumes. Trust me, if I could buy them all, I would. :D Dont believe me? Just take a look for yourself! :D These are my personal favourites, and they have many more on their website and in store, though you might want to hurry and get your pretty self one because these are so faboolous they just might run out ;D
So anyways here are the ones I like:For this halloween Im going to be the top one, little miss muffet :)
I think its absolutely adorable! haha.

Well have a Spooktacular Halloween! :O


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