Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall fall fall fall!

Fall is here people! I just love fall, the weather is perfecto. It couldnt get any better than in the fall. Its not too hot nor too cold and you have a nice breeze :) Oh and another thing I love about fall is that you can wear boots!!!! Yes i love boots, and heels, and booties, and wedges.... who am I kidding I love all shoes! haha but you cant wear boots all year long... and in the fall you can! anyways... going on. The cutest things you can get for fall would be things like the short trench coats [im not really sure what they are called] and scarves with skinny jeans and knee length brown or black leather or suede boots that go over the jeans..... perfect! here are some great looks that I was badly explaining ;p haha


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