Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween! Omg! I know what I am going to wear! :)

Halloween just so happens to be one of the best days ever! Your prolly wondering why Im so excited about halloween or why I like it soo much. Well Halloween just amazes me, from the amazing costumes to the scary movies and haunted houses. I love them all! :D For me, it gives me a chance to e someone or something else, which is when my creativity sparks :D I love looking for my costume and the troubles in finding one, its just exciting and when you get to wear it and get FREE CANDY thats when I love it the most!! :D Speaking of costumes, Torrid (THEE MOST FABULOUS STORE EVER!) has an excellent selection of costumes. Trust me, if I could buy them all, I would. :D Dont believe me? Just take a look for yourself! :D These are my personal favourites, and they have many more on their website and in store, though you might want to hurry and get your pretty self one because these are so faboolous they just might run out ;D
So anyways here are the ones I like:For this halloween Im going to be the top one, little miss muffet :)
I think its absolutely adorable! haha.

Well have a Spooktacular Halloween! :O


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